About Superior Kettlebell Gym


What is a kettlebell?

Kettlebell training melts body fat and tones muscles. For folks who want to build big muscles you can do that too. For those who don’t want to gain an ounce of muscle that can be achieved as well. the program used (sets, reps, nutrition, etc.) will decide what happens to your body.

Kettlebells are unmatched when it comes to spine and joint health. One of the often-overlooked aspects of a ‘fit’ body is longevity. When we are young we workout to look good; when we are older we work out to feel good and prevent our bodies from deteriorating. Kettlebells and the unique exercises you can do with them are all centered on real functional strength. You will learn to pick things up off the floor with an injury-proof back. Improve the health of your shoulders and knees. Safely increase your body’s range of motion so you can live pain free. Proper use even can help to prevent osteoporosis and arthritis in joints.

To put it bluntly, they deliver extreme all-around fitness. And no single other piece of exercise equipment does it better. Here is a short list of exercise equipment that kettlebells replace: barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, bands, stability balls, cardio equipment, aerobic classes, strength training and stretching machines.

Amazingly enough, the kettlebell will make you good at many things you have not practiced. Kettlebell users report that they run faster, jump higher, perform at their sports better, bench or dead-lift heavier, etc. -just from lifting kettlebells. The only time they see the barbell or running shoes is during the test!